15 sept. 2015

The meaning of the word "sprite"

"A sprite is a supernatural legendary creature. They are often depicted as fairy, ghost and/or elf-like creatures. The word "sprite" is derived from the Latin "spiritus" (spirit). Variations on the term include "spright" (the origin of the adjective "sprightly", meaning "spirited" or "lively") and the Celtic "spriggan". 
The term is chiefly used in regard to elves and fairies in European folklore, and in modern English is rarely used in reference to spirits or other mythical creatures."

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprite_%28creature%29

"Sprite is a generic term for an Elf, Fairy, Gnome or Goblin. Sprites are all small beings that are usually mischievous. They play around and torment butterflies. These Sprites each have their specific habitat of a wood, marsh, lake, or other water based land. These habitats are quiet and serene environments.

They have important jobs like helping the change of the seasons such as changing the colours of the leaves to orange and yellow. Some tend to marry a human and then spend the rest of their time with them. They are benign beings unless they become threatened.

Sometimes the name is used to refer to small spiritual beings in general including Ghosts. In Celtic folklore, the Sprite is also known as a Spriggan. The wood Sprites are known as Dryads in Greek mythology. In a more generic sense, the term Sprites may include Selkies, Kappas, Brownies and other small beings.

The name ‘sprite’ derives from the Latin ‘spiritus’ meaning soul or ghost. A water sprite is a small spiritual creature associated with water and are very popular in European folklore. The alchemist, Paracelsus (1493 - 1541) stated that water Sprites are also water elementals. They breathe water or air and some can fly. Many Fairies and Nymphs are types of water Sprites"

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